The Nursery

We finally finished decorating the nursery! Check out all the great pictures.

This lightswitch, and some Winnie the Pooh prints, along with a baby book we got as a shower gift. You can see the green color on the wall. We ended up painting over three of the four walls in the room, leaving one the brown color we painted originally for the guest room.

We finally found the prints that were partially the inspiration for the nursery decor! We’ve been searching for them for quite a while. Luckily, cleaning up the basement did the trick, and we managed to find them. The colors actually go really well with the colors we picked to paint.

Here’s our crib, complete with mattress and everything. There’s a new lamp on the desk as well. Above the crib is the famous “Rat-Cow-Ski” cartoon. The wall on the right is yellow, as you can see better in the picture of the closet below.

Here’s Lisa in our new La-Z-Boy rocker. Got it half price on sale. It also has a nifty air massager/lumbar support. The wall behind her is “Almond Willow”, not pink dammit! You can also see the changing table we got with a nice matching dresser for $50. And the lovely green color on the other wall again.

The closet, already filled with lots of baby clothes and plenty of toys. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more in the dresser, so the kid won’t have to crawl around naked!

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