Real quick

I thought I would vent on this real quick.

I think the ‘play-out’ game is one of the dumbest things ever implemented by the NCAA. I understand that they want to get another at-large from a big conference in the dance but it is a total slap in the face to those small schools that made great runs to earn their way in. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Hey congratulations you made it to the tourney….oh wait, not really, you get to play another game and if you win you play the best team in the country. I would be okay with the latter but not to have to win to get to that game.

One idea I heard on 610 am radio out here, from Kevin Keitzman whom I rarely agree with. was to have the last teams in as at large bids play-in. You could even have 4 of those games and reserve the 12 seed for those teams. Why not?!? Make those bubble teams earn it, then they can’t bitch any more. Well, I am sure someone will have something to complain about.