Memorial Day BBQs

Every year, we hold a Memorial Day BBQ with a different state theme.

The theme for 2022 was Puerto Rico. Not a state, of course, but after we went there for Christmas, we had to try our hand at making mofongo and piña coladas.

In previous years, we have celebrated:

  • New York (2013, Nathan’s hot dogs, corned beef, chopped liver, black and white cookies and Manhattan and Bronx cocktails)
  • Michigan (lots of cherry themed items, coney dogs, Michigan beer)
  • Kentucky (2012, hot browns, burgoo, and of course, mint juleps!)
  • Alabama (NASA, Alabama slammers and that fine Southern cuisine)
  • Virginia (food from our local area, Virginia wines and beers)
  • Maryland (crab cakes, Berger cookies)
  • Florida (2014, gator, cheeseburgers in paradise)
  • North Dakota (2015, in honor of our neighbors who were moving to ND. Bison burgers were the hot item)
  • Arizona (2016, southwest tacos in fry bread, Arizona mule cocktails)
  • Illinois (2017, in honor of the Cubs winning the World Series. Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, brownies and Old Style)
  • Tennessee (2018, Memphis BBQ and moonshine, in honor of our trip to see the solar eclipse at the Great Smoky Mountains)
  • Massachusetts (2019, since I ran the Boston Marathon in April, we had Sam Adams beer, of course, Boston baked beans, and Boston cream pie)
  • Puerto Rico (2022, after a two year break for COVID. We visited Puerto Rico for Christmas and tried our hand at making mofongo and piña coladas)