Sudip has moved

Update: Thanks to a real Christmas miracle, Sudip’s domain is back. So back to with your bookmarks! Hooray!

As you may have heard, we had a bit of trouble with Sudip’s page, and I had to move it to a new domain. So redirect all your bookmarks to (note the dash now).

Site change

Since Ellie is a whole year old, I’ve decided to move her page to a new permanent location, since she’s no longer a baby. You can check it out here. So update your bookmarks. More pictures from the weekend festivities coming later this week.

Hitting the limit

The web site has filled up with so many baby pictures and videos that we’ve managed to reach our space quota already. That means that the aforementioned archival of said pictures and videos will be taking place sooner than expected. I’m just fixing up a couple of things that were messing up the archival process, and then you may start noticing that pictures and vids may go missing. As I mentioned before, if you want it, you can request a CD archive of the web site of your very own, with bonus video footage and pictures.

Check out the other pages

Just in case you haven’t been clicking over to all the other sites on, here’s a recap:

The Chicago D’s are growing up quickly, and taking pictures as they go.

Ellie is sleeping a little better now, after some rough times while getting a new tooth to come in.

Sudip was recently featured in a article!

Brian is waiting for his poker chips to get here and complete his eBay quest.

And, the cicadas are gone from Washington, DC.

Back up and running

Obviously, the site is all back up and running. I’ve noticed a couple of problems with broken links, or missing pictures/videos, and I think I fixed everything. Please let me know if I missed anything!