Our Athletes

I had been meaning to add these a while back, but here is the background story first. Taylor has been participating in the YMCA basketball league for K-1 age girls. The first few games she didn’t touch the ball and she didn’t really care. She seemed indifferent but also uninterested in playing basketball. But as time went on, she started to get a little better and that seemed to grab her attention. We were so proud of her for little things like running back on defense – FULL SPEED. In the beginning she was standing around doing cheers more than actually participating in the games. A few weeks ago and a few games in she got a rebound and she (slowly) dribbled the ball up the court. Then last week, she got multiple rebounds and actually took two shots. The first one, she missed but the second one went in!! Jenn and I were in shock and didn’t really know how to react. We could not have been more proud!!! Showing the hustle, being a little more aggressive and not being afraid to take a shot…How far we’ve come!

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Some Photo Galleries

I have been messing around testing some different things to eventually have a place to post my resume and portfolio. I haven’t gotten that portion finished just yet but I have got a few photo galleries to view. They were created using similar css to the hoverbox from sonspring. There is too much difference really. I did add some code to allow for both landscape and portrait photos. I am sure I can cut the code down a bit but for now it works great.

Check em out:
Christmas 2006
Thanksgiving 2006
Halloween 2006

College Hoops

I had the opportunity to go to the CBE Basketball tournament here in Kansas City at Municipal Auditorium and it was Awesome!! We went to the Tuesday Night Consolation Final and Championship final. The four teams were Texas Tech who played Air Force and Duke who played Marquette(in the final). We only watched the second half of the consolation game and it was pretty rough. Bob Knight had his head in his hands almost the entire second half. Rightfully so, they looked terrible. They aren’t very deep and the only guy that could score was Jackson and he couldn’t seem to create many opportunities for himself(probably because the entire team stood around to watch). Air Force wasn’t all that talented, although they hit shots when they had to , but man did they play hard. I could definitely see a scenario with Air Force in the show in March while Texas Tech is playing in the NIT.

On to the second game…What a difference in speed, athleticism in the backcourt and all around pretty good ball. Duke doesn’t look very deep, I think they played 8 or 9 guys but really only 6 or seven that contributed. Josh McRoberts is pretty overrated and what a freaking crybaby. They gave him the ball in the post about 5 times in a row at a crucial point in the second half and he forced bad shots 5 times without making a single one. Marquette, man they have some athletes…Especially tournament MVP Dominic James.

It was fun to get out and see some college hoops, thanks Mike!!

Here are some not so great pics :
If you look at the full size version of the pic below you can see the Bob Knight head in hands I was talking about.

Some other decent shots:

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A couple cute shots of the kids

I didn’t realize how demonic this first picture looked until I previewed it…A little scary but I assure you that Taylor is not choking him. And another sidenote, the clothes combination was done by Taylor herself. You gotta pick your battles sometimes.


A Year and a Half in Cellular Phone Pictures

Starting in March 2005 up to this month, August 2005.
March 2005

March 2005

March 2005

April 2005

April 2005 Ft. Lauderdale

April 2005

May 2005 – one of my last days commuting to Chicago

May 2005 -Manhattan Beach

May 2005 – Wahoos Fish Tacos!!

June 2005 – Off to Kansas

June 2005 – Austin Stylin

July 2005 – Taylor’s first swim class!!

August 2005 – Austin driving Mickey at the Great Mall

August 2005 – Taylor’s first Dance class

September 2005 – Austin gets his hair cut by our friend Amy

September 2005 – She loves to give him a spike look

September 2005 – Taylor is loving the complimentary sucker

October 2005 – That’s me!! Fred.

November 2005 – Hawaii, awesome.

December 2005 – Austin, a little nervous around Santa

December 2005 – Taylor wants nothing to do with this Santa

December 2005 – Waiting for our house to get finished…Man that sucked.

April 2005 – Taylor teaches the ladies how to dance at my cousin Bill’s wedding reception

August 2005 – Mom hangin with the kids at the Great Mall before seeing Barnyard