Evan Turns Three

In this episode of “we are horrible parents,” we recently discovered that we still had all of Evan’s third birthday pictures on our old camera (we got our new one a couple of weeks after his birthday and promptly forgot about all the pictures remaining on the old camera). So, without further ado, Evan’s third birthday party.

Evan and his girlfriend Abby.

Evan’s buddy Cole, too fast for the old camera!

Joseph overanalyzing the 101 Dalmations game.

Lisa’s wonderful Corduroy birthday cake.

Evan blows out the candles.

Family portrait!

Almost Three

Evan turns three in a few short days. He celebrated his birthday at school today with his friend Abby, who has the same birthday. Lisa made special Dora and Diego cupcakes for the birthday couple.


She’s got some talent, that wife of mine.

The cutest birthday couple ever.

What would a party be without birthday hats?

Trains and More Trains

In case you hadn’t heard, Evan really likes trains. A lot. So for his birthday we headed down to Alexandria to the Amtrak station and watched trains. Mostly the Metro trains on the other tracks, but a couple of VRE commuter trains and Amtrak trains went by.
His party on Saturday evening was also a train-filled affair. We painted a bunch of cardboard boxes to look like boxcars and an engine (I used the Mr. McGroovy’s rivets to make the engine out of two boxes). He loves his new train table, aka our new coffee table. The only problem is that we now have bits and pieces of three different types of Thomas the Train sets: the classic wooden, the “Take Along” plastic, and the Lego Duplo. Not a lot of room left for things like, oh, furniture. Luckily, we are dual-purposing the train table as a coffee table, so there’s that.

The train table, with the wooden tracks ready to set up.

Evan and his buddies AJ and Henry playing with the cardboard train we made. Aside from one box car ripping, the train held up surprisingly well to their abuse.

Another one of Lisa’s masterful cake creations. Evan looks a little worried that it’s going to topple over, but it stayed put. OK, the very top did fall over, but it landed right on the chocolate, so we were able to just get it back on top without too much trauma.

The obligatory cake face picture. Note the skillful use of spoon in one hand and fork in the other for optimal cake consumption.

First Haircut!

Now that Evan’s had his first birthday, and a botched haircut won’t screw up those important pictures, it’s time for him to get a haircut. It may not have looked long, but it was getting in his eyes more often, and hanging over his ears a bit too. So off we went to Cartoon Cuts.

He was bit nervous at first, and was definitely having none of sitting in his chair on his own, so he had to sit on Mom’s lap.

The TV distracted him for about 30 seconds, enough time to get a couple of snips in.

Big locks of hair from the first cut.

Taking a bit off the back.

And of course, the reward at the end, playing at the playground. It was hard to get a good shot of how great he looks now, but he is a handsome devil! Not only that, but with the new haircut, he looks like a very cute BOY, not a baby!
Did I mention he took his first toddling steps today? Not quite walking, but definitely getting there.

Evan’s First Birthday Party

Finally, pictures from the party!

Another fine creation by Lisa.

The kids are shivering with antici…pation.

Singing Happy Birthday and getting ready to blow out the candle. Luckily we had a few kids willing to do it, since Evan couldn’t quite do it on his own.

Birthday boy wearing birthday shirt and hat. Just getting started on the cake.

Chowing down now, forget the hat, it was just getting in the way of the uncoordinated hands trying to shovel food into the mouth, and mostly getting face.

Double fisted cake eating action.

Caught him in the act of his favorite head slapping.

I’m not sure when the crown came in, but Ellie’s always been a birthday princess, so why not a birthday prince?

Later, adding ice cream to the mix. What the heck? Couldn’t get messier?

Proud parents with the birthday boy!

Evan Turns One!

Evan officially turned one year old yesterday, and he celebrated with a cupcake from Buzz. We did something similar when Ellie turned one, sort of a test run to see how they would like their first big treat. And trust me, both of them were really into it.

Evan ponders: “What is the strange concoction? Is it mine?”

Well, I put everything else into my mouth, I might as well try this. Not bad!

Like his sister, he’s still working on the frosting at this point, but he’s clearly loving it!

Getting the hang of it. He loves feeding himself, so this was doubly fun for him.

Really into it now. Somewhere around this time I made the mistake of looking at the floor. What a mess! I tried to clean up as much as possible afterward, but I really needed a vacuum to do the job.

Slowing down a bit now. I think he was starting to go into a sugar-induced coma. Dude, you gotta get in on these munchies man!

The cupcake was officially demolished. We’re pretty sure he will do just fine at the party on Saturday. The hard part is going to be keeping him away until we sing and blow out the candle!

Happy birthday little man!

Obligatory Cheese

When decorating for Halloween recently, Ellie found a pumpkin ink stamper and went nuts with it. Bathtime that night was spent scrubbing ink till the water ran black.
Unfortunately, Evan also found the stamper, but he hasn’t quite figured out how to use it yet.


Evan is officially crawling! Well, more like a shimmy scooch type of movement, but he’s successfully figured out how to move his legs in concert with his arms for forward motion, so we’re counting that as crawling. In honor of this occasion, I present to you some photos of Evan’s awesomely mussy hair.

Yep, that’s some wild hair. Wait till you see him for Halloween!

Did I mention that he’s now getting his second tooth in???

Nine Months!

Evan is nine months old today, so I figured I should probably post some long overdue pictures.

Ellie is borrowing a space shuttle costume for her upcoming space-themed birthday party (and Halloween, most likely), but we just had to see how Evan looked in it.

Did we mention he’s on the verge of crawling? Yeah, this is what he looks like more often than not these days. It’s only a matter of time before he figures out how to move his legs.