Trains and More Trains

In case you hadn’t heard, Evan really likes trains. A lot. So for his birthday we headed down to Alexandria to the Amtrak station and watched trains. Mostly the Metro trains on the other tracks, but a couple of VRE commuter trains and Amtrak trains went by.
His party on Saturday evening was also a train-filled affair. We painted a bunch of cardboard boxes to look like boxcars and an engine (I used the Mr. McGroovy’s rivets to make the engine out of two boxes). He loves his new train table, aka our new coffee table. The only problem is that we now have bits and pieces of three different types of Thomas the Train sets: the classic wooden, the “Take Along” plastic, and the Lego Duplo. Not a lot of room left for things like, oh, furniture. Luckily, we are dual-purposing the train table as a coffee table, so there’s that.

The train table, with the wooden tracks ready to set up.

Evan and his buddies AJ and Henry playing with the cardboard train we made. Aside from one box car ripping, the train held up surprisingly well to their abuse.

Another one of Lisa’s masterful cake creations. Evan looks a little worried that it’s going to topple over, but it stayed put. OK, the very top did fall over, but it landed right on the chocolate, so we were able to just get it back on top without too much trauma.

The obligatory cake face picture. Note the skillful use of spoon in one hand and fork in the other for optimal cake consumption.

Happy Birthday Evan!

Time to add a new category to the blog, because Evan turns two today!  I can’t wait to get home and show him his present: a train table and wooden train set.  And his birthday party tomorrow is going to be train-themed as well, complete with another one of Lisa’s epic cake creations.
Happy birthday little guy!


Ever since we went to “train central,” AKA Gardner, KS, Evan has been really into trains.  He carries around a toy train, loves to point out the Metro trains as they pass, loves to climb on the caboose at the farmers market.  So it comes as no surprise the utter glee that came to his face when he saw the elevated subway trains passing by Yankee Stadium.  Yes, this was the picture we finally took of his face after the FIFTH train passed by, still just as excited as when the first one passed.  By the way, the subject line is not a typo, that’s just Evan-ese for “train.”


I haven’t had the chance to update on the fun things that Evan is doing. Maybe that’s because he constantly attacks you by throwing rocks, or headbutting your thighs, or worse yet, biting. But he does have his cute moments. We’re not entirely sure where he got it from (maybe Discovery Channel’s “Ready Set Learn”?), but his favorite thing now is to warn you when he’s about to attack:
“Ready? Go? Set!”


Evan is getting quite the vocabulary. Not complete sentences, but many words which convey his feelings and/or desires.

No, go, down, more, mine, bana (banana), bana bread (banana bread with chocolate chips: do NOT get in the kid’s way if it’s in the house!), baby, and many more including the old standbys Mama and Dada. Can you guess which words are heard most often in our house?

Update: Of course, everyone got “no” right, but the most popular word is “Mama,” not “mine.” Mama is his go-to word for when he doesn’t know a word, or just wants your attention (yes, even dad’s attention). Many times, we turn it into a Marco Polo game. “Mama!” “Evan!” “Mama!” “Evan!” “Mama!” “Evan!”