Evan Turns One!

Evan officially turned one year old yesterday, and he celebrated with a cupcake from Buzz. We did something similar when Ellie turned one, sort of a test run to see how they would like their first big treat. And trust me, both of them were really into it.

Evan ponders: “What is the strange concoction? Is it mine?”

Well, I put everything else into my mouth, I might as well try this. Not bad!

Like his sister, he’s still working on the frosting at this point, but he’s clearly loving it!

Getting the hang of it. He loves feeding himself, so this was doubly fun for him.

Really into it now. Somewhere around this time I made the mistake of looking at the floor. What a mess! I tried to clean up as much as possible afterward, but I really needed a vacuum to do the job.

Slowing down a bit now. I think he was starting to go into a sugar-induced coma. Dude, you gotta get in on these munchies man!

The cupcake was officially demolished. We’re pretty sure he will do just fine at the party on Saturday. The hard part is going to be keeping him away until we sing and blow out the candle!

Happy birthday little man!

Definitely My Boy

Last night, I was giving Evan a quick bath before I had to head off to curling. Like Ellie, he loves bathtime and splashes around. Lately, he’s taken to picking up bath toys and dumping them over the side of the bath. He’s definitely in gravity-testing mode as he does the same thing with his food at the dinner table. So anyway, he’s splashing around after having emptied the bath for the third time, when he opens his hand, looks at it, and proceeds to smack himself in the head with it, Homer Simpson style. Doh! I laugh, because it just looked funny. He starts giggling too, and then looks at his hand, and does it again! Smack! More giggling and smacking for the next five minutes, until Lisa walks in and just shakes her head at us.
We were having a good time, but then he decided to lean forward, dipping his face in the water, and sucked up a lungful of water. Bathtime over.
Definitely my boy.

Penicillin Allergy

Lisa just called from the pharmacy after taking Evan to the doctor for the second time in as many weeks. He had a new rash pop up yesterday, and even though I wasn’t concerned about it, she said it had gotten worse throughout the day and wanted to take him in. The result? Penicillin allergy. Apparently it pops up about 7 days after you take it, and now that I think about it, his rash faded a bit throughout the day, and then got worse again right after I gave him his antibiotics last night.
So, all potential babysitters and caregivers of Evan: he’s allergic to penicillin and can never have it again. Some common penicillin antibiotics are amoxicillin (Amoxil, Amoxicot, Biomox, Dispermox, Trimox), ampicillin (Omnipen, Principen). carbenicillin (Geocillin), dicloxacillin (Dycill, Dynapen) and oxacillin (Bactocill). Evan was taking amoxicillin, which Lisa couldn’t stand the smell of, so I guess that’s a bright side.
The good news is that we caught it now and we know, so we can be aware in the future. The bad news is that every form we or he ever has to fill out at a doctor’s office from here on will have to check that penicillin allergy box.

Please, Not An Ear Infection!

Somehow, we managed to make it through Ellie’s early years with no ear infections or any major illnesses for that matter. Contrast that to our neighbor across the street who had to have tubes put in his ears, he got so many ear infections.
Well, our luck ran out. Last week, Evan was running a mild fever, which wasn’t too alarming, but it also lasted for a few days, which is more than Lisa was comfortable with. She took him to the doctor, who determined that he had roseola and an ear infection. Damn! He has always tended to claw at his ears when he gets fussy, but previous doctor visits haven’t turned up anything when looking at the ears, so we didn’t think much of it. Now though, we’re hoping this will be the only one. No wonder he was so pissed when we tried to take his temperature with the ear thermometer!


Evan is hitting a major spurt lately. When Ellie was his age, she had a hard time sleeping when learning something new, or growing. She would be trying to roll over in her sleep, and a few days later, she’d have it in the conscious world. Evan seems to be similar. He’s fighting sleep a lot more lately, and he’s trying all sorts of new things. He never really rolled over much, once or twice at the most with the traditional log roll (he prefers the sit up and sort of lever yourself over method), so he’s decided to skip that and move on to bigger and more dangerous things.
He is real big on leaning forward from the sitting position to get on his knees. Not crawling yet, but very useful for grabbing things that used to be out of reach. He gets a good rocking action going too, and it’s a matter of time before he figures out to move his legs under him.
More dangerously, he is scooting himself across the floor (using that rocking motion I mentioned), and getting up next to something that he can use to pull himself up. Last night, he was really interested in some paper sitting on the piano bench, and got his little hands up on top and pulled himself almost to a standing position. Very dangerous, especially since he really has no sense of balance at the moment. If you hold him up by his hands, you have to hold on tight because he will wobble all over.
Last but not least, he’s getting his first tooth! Lisa checked this morning and said she could feel a bit of the tooth when rubbing his gums. I’m fairly sure this was accompanied by a lecture on breastfeeding etiquette (no biting!!!!).

Solid Food!

Evan had his second “solid” food meal of smooshed bananas last night, his first being on Wednesday. I forgot how babies will try to suck on the spoon instead of eating from it like we do. It is awesome and I have 15 minutes of video from his first time. I will spare you the boredom of the 15 minutes, but I will try to post video some time next week.

The Trauma of Shots

Lisa gave up on taking the kids in for shots a long time ago. It was one particularly bad series of shots that Ellie had to get that did it, and I can’t say that I blame her. It’s rough. It’s also one of the reasons why Evan isn’t getting circumcised (in addition to it being a largely pointless “tradition” and cultural expectation).
So I had the pleasure of taking Evan in for his latest set of shots: 2 in each leg, plus one oral vaccination. Evan got weighed first. It’s really not that hard, but somehow I think the nurse screwed it up. The scale, I believe, prematurely “locked” his weight at 10 pounds, 12 ounces. After the appointment was over, I reweighed him on the same scale and got 12 pounds, 15.8 ounces! The inital weight put him in the 25th percentile, and just looking at him, you know he’s not a 25th percentile weight kind of kid.
The doctor did the normal exam soon after, and confirmed that he has both testicles. She also confirmed that what we figured was heat rash was pretty much just acne, and it should clear up eventually. The kid is just sweaty, so it’s hard to keep that kind of stuff from cropping up.
Then it was time for shots. So we waited. And waited. Good thing he didn’t know what was coming, because the suspense was killing me! Finally the nurse came in with the shots. Don’t doctors usually tell you to relax your muscles when getting shots to keep it from hurting so much? Well, the nurse pinned his legs down prior to giving him the shot, which probably didn’t help much. I understand the need to keep him from kicking the needle, I just have to think there’s a better way. The poor kid was bawling his eyes out from shot #1, and to her credit, the nurse did a good job of quickly delivering the other 3. She also did a fine job of getting him to swallow the oral vaccine for rotavirus. He was bawling so hard I didn’t think he would ever choke it down, but she managed it somehow.
Thankfully, after the shots were done, he stopped crying nearly immediately after I picked him up, and quickly fell into a deep slumber. It’s hard work being a two month old getting your shots.
In another two months, we got back to the doctor for more shots. I bet they will be surprised at his “growth spurt” when he’s no longer in the 25th percentile and up above the 75th!