Evan’s Walking

My goodness, this poor kid gets the shaft for being second-born, and he’s barely a year old! This time, I has been remiss in mentioning that Evan started walking. He’s been doing it for a couple of weeks now, and the official “10 steps” moment came last week sometime. Now, he tends toward toddling everywhere, which makes it harder to keep track of him. When he was crawling, he was very noisy (thud thud thud across the floor). Now we have to rely on him vocalizing the fact that he is walking and use the doppler effect to pinpoint his location.
It should be a lot of fun seeing him and cousin Sam toddling around after each other this Christmas.

Definitely My Boy

Last night, I was giving Evan a quick bath before I had to head off to curling. Like Ellie, he loves bathtime and splashes around. Lately, he’s taken to picking up bath toys and dumping them over the side of the bath. He’s definitely in gravity-testing mode as he does the same thing with his food at the dinner table. So anyway, he’s splashing around after having emptied the bath for the third time, when he opens his hand, looks at it, and proceeds to smack himself in the head with it, Homer Simpson style. Doh! I laugh, because it just looked funny. He starts giggling too, and then looks at his hand, and does it again! Smack! More giggling and smacking for the next five minutes, until Lisa walks in and just shakes her head at us.
We were having a good time, but then he decided to lean forward, dipping his face in the water, and sucked up a lungful of water. Bathtime over.
Definitely my boy.


Evan is officially crawling! Well, more like a shimmy scooch type of movement, but he’s successfully figured out how to move his legs in concert with his arms for forward motion, so we’re counting that as crawling. In honor of this occasion, I present to you some photos of Evan’s awesomely mussy hair.

Yep, that’s some wild hair. Wait till you see him for Halloween!

Did I mention that he’s now getting his second tooth in???


Evan is hitting a major spurt lately. When Ellie was his age, she had a hard time sleeping when learning something new, or growing. She would be trying to roll over in her sleep, and a few days later, she’d have it in the conscious world. Evan seems to be similar. He’s fighting sleep a lot more lately, and he’s trying all sorts of new things. He never really rolled over much, once or twice at the most with the traditional log roll (he prefers the sit up and sort of lever yourself over method), so he’s decided to skip that and move on to bigger and more dangerous things.
He is real big on leaning forward from the sitting position to get on his knees. Not crawling yet, but very useful for grabbing things that used to be out of reach. He gets a good rocking action going too, and it’s a matter of time before he figures out to move his legs under him.
More dangerously, he is scooting himself across the floor (using that rocking motion I mentioned), and getting up next to something that he can use to pull himself up. Last night, he was really interested in some paper sitting on the piano bench, and got his little hands up on top and pulled himself almost to a standing position. Very dangerous, especially since he really has no sense of balance at the moment. If you hold him up by his hands, you have to hold on tight because he will wobble all over.
Last but not least, he’s getting his first tooth! Lisa checked this morning and said she could feel a bit of the tooth when rubbing his gums. I’m fairly sure this was accompanied by a lecture on breastfeeding etiquette (no biting!!!!).

Evan Eats

This actually happened just after our trip to Disneyworld, but you saw how long it took me to get the Disney pictures up. Evan is eating solid food now! It’s still only about once a day, but it’s a start. It also seems he’s also not nearly as big a fan of solids as Ellie once was, but he’s getting into it. Now he only makes faces every other bite instead of every bite.

There’s that face. This was his first ever bite though so he was a little surprised at the taste.

Trying to figure out what to do with the spoon in his mouth. The answer was not sucking on it to get milk out of it, though he tried like heck.

He should be feeding himself soon enough. He liked trying to help you guide the spoon into his mouth.

He started getting happy by the end of the meal, and nowadays he usually likes eating. So far he seems to like sweet potatoes and pears.

Ew. Gross.

Evan had his first taste of avocado last night. He seemed to like it, but a couple of hours later, he vomited it all up. And then some. It took him a good half hour to finally get himself together. It was the first real barfing he’s had. Ellie used to spit up and barf all the time. Evan is a fighter though. He got cleaned up, and he was back laughing and smiling 10 minutes later.

Evan Rolled Over!

It took Evan a bit longer than Ellie, but he managed to roll over for the first time today. Much like Ellie, he could get himself 90% of the way there, over on his side, but his arm was just getting in the way. In his case though, the reason his arm was in the way was that his hand was in his mouth. He does that a lot. He drools like crazy and constantly has his hands in his mouth.
Much like Ellie, he was also pissed when he finally made it over onto his belly. He hasn’t quite figured it all out yet, as he’s only done it once. Hopefully he will do it again so that Lisa can see it.