Evan Skates!

We’ve been looking for something for Evan to do lately. He missed out on soccer sign up and another class, but then we saw that he was just old enough to take his first ice skating class! He’s a hockey nut, as you may know. He loves going to watch hockey while Dad has curling, and is just obsessed with it.
He did a great job too! He fell a lot, but he marched and skated all the way from one side of the ice to the other without any help from the teacher. So, without further ado, here are two videos of his first ice skating lesson. (He’s the one with the blue helmet and green sweatshirt.)

Potty Training Gone Wrong

Shockingly enough, Evan is supposed to be starting preschool in just over three weeks. The catch is that he needs to be potty trained to attend the school. Or at least, potty trained for the 3 hours he’s there. So the potty training has been shifted into overdrive. First thing in the morning, we try to get him to go. Then he will usually get to go naked or wear underwear from then on, trying to get him to understand what it feels like when he needs to go. On Saturday morning, it was naked time. He had just peed, and had grabbed his cars to play with. He was climbing up into his chair to play with them on the table when I heard something hit the floor. I figured it was one of his cars he had dropped. Nope. Poop. He pooped all over his chair, on his leg, and onto the floor. Lovely.
Apparently he could just care less about “feeling” like he has to go at this point. Three weeks to go? Not looking good. Still, he has been doing fairly well with trying to pee, but he does need to be reminded often or he will just pee wherever he is. But I could do without the poop accidents.

The Kid is Too Cute

Evan can drive us a bit crazy these days: whacking people (his sister mainly) with various objects, rolling around on the floor randomly, banging the wall when he’s supposed to be sleeping. But he sure can be cute too.
He walks around saying “Awesome” all the time. We really need to catch that on video, because just writing that he says it does not do it justice. Me: “Hey Evan, want to go to the library?” Evan: “Oh, awesome.”
Barack Obama is on the TV. “Evan, who’s that?” “Obama!” Yeah, we brainwash our kids, so what?
These days (except for last night of course), he even sleeps in his own bed for the whole night. Awesome.


Ever since we went to “train central,” AKA Gardner, KS, Evan has been really into trains.  He carries around a toy train, loves to point out the Metro trains as they pass, loves to climb on the caboose at the farmers market.  So it comes as no surprise the utter glee that came to his face when he saw the elevated subway trains passing by Yankee Stadium.  Yes, this was the picture we finally took of his face after the FIFTH train passed by, still just as excited as when the first one passed.  By the way, the subject line is not a typo, that’s just Evan-ese for “train.”


I haven’t had the chance to update on the fun things that Evan is doing. Maybe that’s because he constantly attacks you by throwing rocks, or headbutting your thighs, or worse yet, biting. But he does have his cute moments. We’re not entirely sure where he got it from (maybe Discovery Channel’s “Ready Set Learn”?), but his favorite thing now is to warn you when he’s about to attack:
“Ready? Go? Set!”

Oh Boy!

I remember, after Evan was just born, watching our neighbor toddler Henry, who was then about as old as Evan is now, and thinking, “That’s a scary preview of what Evan will be like in a year or so.” And sure enough, everything prophesied is coming true.
The climbing on everything: The other day Lisa was vacuuming the dining room and moved the chairs into the kitchen, and was a little slow moving them back. Evan, in the meantime, climbed up one of the chairs, pulled open the oven door (much like he does with the play kitchen), and climbed on top of the stove and was pressing all the buttons, including self clean (aka really freaking hot oven!).
The escape artist: Yesterday, I was pulling weeds in the front yard, and Ellie was helping me scour the lawn for the occasional dandelion. One minute, Evan was pressing the horn on the toy car, and the next, he was halfway down the sidewalk (not the street, thankfully!) to the house next door.
And pretty much all you can say is, “Oh, boy!”

Climbing Pictures

As previously promised, some pictures of our climbing boy.

Climbing up on a chair so that he can reach and play with the deadbolt. The irony being that I used to love to play with locks myself, just like him.

Little devil.

An ingenious little devil though. Notice how the dishwasher door is open so that he can use it as a step up to the top.

Proud as can be. We’re not so brave (or stupid) as to let him climb up on top of the fridge though.


Evan is babbling away these days. He really thinks he’s saying something, as he looks at you expectantly after finishing a “sentence.” About the only things we can understand him saying are “Mama” and “Dada.” And yet, these do not mean what you think they are. Just now after dinner, Evan was reaching for his sweet potato puffs, saying “Mama, mama, mama.” Interpretation: “I want, I want, I want.” Then, he pulled down the plastic bins in which we store toys, climbed up on one and said, “Dada, dada, dada.” Interpretation: “I’m doing something dangerous! Look at me!”
Then he fell off, and cried. No interpretation necessary.

Such the Boy

From the moment we first set a car in front of him, and he grabbed it and pushed it back and forth making “Vroom vroom” noises, we’ve known Evan is a full-fledged boy. He also knew exactly what to do with a ball: throw it (though he may have picked that up from watching Ellie). While visiting his cousins in Michigan, he had fun playing with the boys, especially when he tried to take Colin down, WWE style.
We finally got batteries for his newest toy, a ball spitting train contraption, and I set it down in motion to see what he did. He started cracking up laughing when it would run into him, and he’d back up a step, it would hit him again, he’d laugh and do it all over again. But the key point was when the train stopped moving. He looked at it for a moment, and his index finger IMMEDIATELY went right for the button that started it again. It’s like his brain is hard-wired for this stuff.