Pushing Daisies

I was skeptical of the critics’ raves for Pushing Daisies, the new show on ABC. I had been disappointed by the premieres of Chuck (it’s got potential, but at times is just too far-fetched, yet predictable as far as the spy scenarios go) and Bionic Woman (didn’t much care for the lead actress, which is not good when she IS the show), so I decided to record Pushing Daisies to see if it could fill a spot in my rotation. It definitely is.
The show has the fantastic look and soundtrack of Tim Burton films like Big Fish and Edward Scissorhands. The cast combines relative newcomers Lee Pace and Anna Friel with veterans Chi McBride, Kristin Chenowith, and Swoosie Kurtz, and they all click, filling their roles perfectly. Even the voiceover, which was a bit overdone, seemed to blend right in with the rest of the show.
In short, this show is getting added to my season pass list, while Chuck and Bionic Woman are on hold until I see something good from them. You can watch the Pie-lette episode on abc.com to catch up before the second episode airs tomorrow at 8pm.

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Bionic Woman review

So I watched Bionic Woman last night and this morning. Sort of like the Heroes premiere went, it was largely a setup episode to get Jaime her bionic body, and introduce the Katee Sackoff character (she just wants to be loved, is that so wrong?) and a few others who will come into play later (her boyfriend’s possible evil dad). It has potential, but I was pretty disappointed in the performance of Michelle Ryan. She was pretty good in the action scenes, but was fairly bad in anything that required, oh, acting. Hopefully she’ll get better, but she’s no Jennifer Garner.
I still have the Chuck premiere on Tivo to watch. But I did watch the Prison Break premiere, which was the best premiere for that show so far. Too bad the audience didn’t show up for it (down 2 million viewers from last year).
Just for fun, check out user buckshotwon (aka Adrian Pasdar) on YouTube. Some good behind the scenes videos there.

Heroes is Back!

Unlike other TV faves Battlestar Galactica and Lost, Heroes premiered last night, like most normal TV shows, in the fall. I have to say it looks like it’s going to be an interesting season. (By the way, you can get a bit of background on Maya and Alejandro by reading the graphic novels on NBC’s website. Kind of confusing otherwise.) Aside from the god-awful Irish accents near the end of the episode, they put together a good episode, giving you an idea of what’s been going on for each of them for the past four months. Oh, and how bizarre is it that Sark from Alias is Takezo Kensei, Hiro’s hero?

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Evangelizing: Peep

Peep is a kids’ show that airs in the US on Discovery Kids channel. From the website: “Each half-hour episode contains two stories which highlight specific science concepts, plus two live-action shorts presenting real kids playing and experimenting with these concepts in their own big wide worlds.”
Since I first recorded it a few weeks ago after getting a tip from one of the various parenting blogs I read, Lisa has been telling everyone she knows (with kids) about it. I am firmly of the belief that if your kids are allowed to watch TV, they should at least learn something while watching (I’m looking at you, Univision). That’s why, even though the repetition gets annoying, I don’t mind her watching Blue’s Clues. Peep goes even further and teaches elementary science (how rabbits live, what’s a rain storm, water displacement) in a simple way that even Ellie can understand. Even better, they have actual kids demonstrating the science in between the cartoons.
This show has Ellie’s Seal of Approval, as she now asks to watch it by name. It airs in the US on TLC at 8:30am and Discovery Kids at 9am weekdays.

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Amazing Race All-Stars

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with Bertram Van Munster, the producer of the Amazing Race about the upcoming “All-Star” edition of the race. Teams from previous races are back to compete again. The only previous winners back are Joyce and Uchenna, but the lineup includes David and Mary and Dustin and Kandice from the latest edition (they had 2-3 months between races), and my favorites, Boston Rob and Amber. I know everyone hates Boston Rob, but the man is a master manipulator. His gambit on the last Race when he got other teams to give up on a challenge was classic.
The Race doesn’t start airing until February 18, but I’m looking forward to seeing Rob back in action.

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I am so ready for my favorite TV shows to start back up again. It seems like every show decided to have some sort of extended hiatus over the holidays. “Lost” has been off the air since October or some nonsense. My Tivo has been getting sad for lack of stuff to record. Battlestar Galatica, Lost, Heroes, and Prison Break are all coming back within the next couple of weeks (Lost is the laggard at Feb 2, I believe). I’m definitely looking forward to that now that football season is winding down.
All that having been said, it has given us a chance to watch/catch up on a couple of other shows. “Scrubs” is as funny as ever (we just watched the first couple of episodes last night. Pop Rocks + N Sync = Hilarity). And we watched the “My Name is Earl” episode where they were on Cops and we falling over laughing so hard.
Still, I’m ready for my “serial” dramas to start up again.

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The Curse Continues

It took a while this year, but as usual, one of the new shows I started watching, “The Nine,” has been put on hiatus. ABC has not ordered any more episodes beyond the original 13, and it doesn’t look like they will. This figures, as I just caught up on all the episodes in a marathon weekend, and now that I’m caught up, they’re ditching it. Oh well. I was waffling over whether to continue watching anyway. It was getting decent, but it was going to be hard to continue a show about a 52 hour hostage standoff.
At least my favorite new show, “Heroes,” is still going strong. NBC is very cool about the show, offering all the episodes online, and running an accompanying graphic novel online each week as well. The show is rapidly surpassing “Lost” as my current favorite.
Speaking of graphic novels, Joss Whedon is coming out with a new “Buffy” comic book series starting in March. Oh, the awesomeness of it all. The story will pick up a bit after where the show left us, the Hellmouth is closed, and new Slayers have scattered across the globe, but evil is still around. I can’t wait.

Now We’re Talkin’

Lost premieres tonight. Can’t wait, but I will have to, due to baseball, as I am sure that I will not have a chance to watch it until at least tomorrow night. Try not to ruin it for me. I’m also going to Tivo “The Nine” and give it a shot, but I don’t know that I have the time or patience for another serialized show.
Battlestar Galactica premieres Friday at 9pm. Can’t wait for that either. I’m eager to find out where they’re going with the fact that a lot of the cast is no longer actually on the Galactica.

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TV Alert!

Fox is starting its fall season tonight! The other networks won’t start for a little while longer, but Fox always starts early to get their premieres going before the baseball playoffs start. For me, this means the long-awaited premiere of Prison Break. They’ve already given it away in the previews that somehow they escape from being nearly trapped at the airport, but it should still be exciting anyway.
Who Wants to Be A Superhero has just two episodes left, and my top three are all still in it. Fat Momma, Major Victory, and my favorite, Feedback, are competing to be Stan Lee’s next Superhero.

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Washington Post buyouts

FishBowlDC has the list of Washington Post employees who accepted the Post’s buyout offer and are “retiring” early.  Of course, for some, much like at my job, this just means they are now contract employees who will stay on for a while.  For others, they get a nice wad of cash and move on to another job.  My thoughts on the list:
Tom Shales: staying on for a while, I will miss his curmudgeonly take on TV, but I hope they will find someone who, say, actually likes watching TV.
Courtland Milloy: also staying for a while, I always enjoyed reading his column because it came from a point of view that was a complete 180 from my own: an inner-city African-American.  I will miss him.
Al Kamen: Nooooooo!  Don’t take away my “In The Loop!”  I will miss him most of all, but thankfully, he’s not just satying for a while, but “working under contract for the foreseeable future.”  Hooray!
There are a bunch of other names I recognize, especially from the Business section, but no real thoughts on any of them.  Well, one more.  I have to say I probably will miss Leslie Walker the least.  She was sort of a tech reporter, but I was never really interested in her columns, whether because of the subjects, or just the really basic newbie tech level she brought to them.  I hope that the person who takes over the “.com” column will bring a smart fresh approach.