I know everyone has been waiting a while to see Ellie at the beach and the zoo, so here you go!

The beach

Ellie’s first dip in the Atlantic. She didn’t much care for it, as the water was very chilly!

Ellie gets ready to stomp a mean crab. Not really, we just put her foot out there to show how small the crab was.

Ellie tries to bury herself. She really enjoyed the sand, once she figured it out a little bit.

A happy family at the beach.

The Keys

Ellie helps feed the giant tarpon. We were a little afraid they were going to try to eat her! They were huge!

Ellie had a lot of fun with the wind down in the Keys, which was good, because it was really windy, especially on the train ride over to Pigeon Key.

We took a nice trip to a nature park.

Ellie and Dad do their best osprey impression.

Ellie’s first boat ride! We took a trip out to a coral reef on a glass-bottomed boat. Ellie couldn’t see a whole lot, but she was okay with finding her sea legs. If Mom and Dad have anything to say about it, it will be the first of many boat trips!

The Zoo

Lots of animals at the Miami Metrozoo. You should be able to figure out what most of them are.


Camel ride

Gila monster


Comparing our wingspans to the condor

Other cute ones

These ones don’t really fit in with the others, but they are too cute to leave out.

Ellie amongst the orchids

Ellie’s cute pink polka dot bathing outfit, which we never really got to wear (water was too cold!)

Yes, she does wear the sunglasses instead of eating them sometimes.

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