Basement Remodeling

Part one: The Guest Room

Before: the drywall is up, the old ceiling tiles are down, ready to paint.

After: The bed from upstairs is moved downstairs, the paint is on the walls, the new window treatment is up, and the trim is up. The pictures from Bali are waiting to be finished with bamboo around the edges. We’re also going to put bamboo along the seam between the drywall and the ceiling tiles. We’re also hoping to find a good lamp to go in the room.

Before: the doorway is framed, drywalled, and primed. I did a sweet job with the electrical stuff too, separating the light in this room from the rest in the basement, adding two switches, and wiring a new light for the closet.

After: The doors are in, thanks to Lisa’s dad (I was off picking up my mom at the airport, and we thought she would think it was nice if there were doors. The closet wasn’t quite finished at this point, but it’s all done now. I still need to permanently attach the doors. But other than that and the bamboo touches, the new guest room is complete. All the furniture has been moved downstairs. We need to move some of the things in the other closet in the basement into the new closet. The old closet already has a rod and shelf, so it is easier to store clothes and such in there, rather than to try to add it to the new closet, which was a huge pain in the rear to start with.

That’s all for now. Next time, hopefully we will have more on the rest of the basement. We are also almost done with the nursery, so pictures of that will also be forthcoming.

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