Baby Shower

On July 5, 2003, we had the baby shower for our coming child. Lots of people showed up, including the Bydlowskis: , Grandma Kazmer: , Kelly: and Gonzo: .

The action soon heated up with the bottled beer drinking contest… Baby bottled that is! . As you can probably guess, it took a while to finish (believe me, I ought to know). But eventually, two cheaters came out on top . David Balog finished his bottle (of water) first, followed soon after by Neil December, who poked extra holes in his nipple before the contest.

Next, it was on to “Guess the Baby Food Flavor!” It was a popular contest with everyone, including Uncle Bud, who seemed quite the connoisseur. Taryn Petryk also enjoyed the tasting, saying her favorite baby food flavor is “Hawaiian Delight.”

For whatever reason, some people didn’t enjoy the baby food as much as others. Perhaps it had something to do with flavors like ham, beef, and turkey with green beans. Amy Balog nearly gagged on one taste . Christine McGowan and Dave “Z” shared their disdain . Christie Scherkenbach chased a flavor with some water . And Suzy Migrin was probably the least pleased of all

All in all though, it was fun event. We’re looking forward to the next one here in Virginia on August 2!

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