Drying Out

I’ve been dabbling with non-alcoholic “spirits” lately, since, like many people, I’ve probably been drinking more than usual during the pandemic. There are a lot of resources out there to get you started, I recommend Julia Bainbridge’s email newsletter (she also has a book). There are some interesting new beverages coming out every day that are not only non-alcoholic, but low in calories as well.

I ordered some items from No and Low: Seedlip’s Garden 108, Pentire’s Adrift, Proteau Rivington Spritz and Three Spirits Livener. They have free shipping over $65, so it was worth trying a bunch of them. Plus they had some of the most interesting bubble wrap I’ve seen!

Bottle bubble wrap

I’ll start with Seedlip and Pentire. Both are similar in that they are intended to be mixed with tonic or something along those lines. The Seedlip Garden 108 was on the light side, and I mostly got snap peas out of it. I paired it with Q Indian Tonic and it was nice on a warm day. The Pentire Adrift was strong on sage, and slightly salty. I had it with Q Elderflower Tonic and liked it a bit more than the Seedlip. My wife tried a sip and really did not like it at all, so be forewarned.

The Rivington Spritz was one that I thought we be great to share with a group. The label suggests that you “Consume on the spot for the best bubbles,” and the bottle is a bit big for one person. Have it on ice in a wine glass, fruity and nice acidity.

So far the one I like the most is Three Spirits Livener. It’s a little fruity, but has a nice spicy kick as well. It’s great on its own with an ice cube as a sipping drink, but beware it does have caffeine, so make sure you’re not starting your cocktail hour too late. I haven’t yet trying mixing it with anything, but I may try to experiment at some point. Maybe a No-groni with the Adrift?

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I looked for the new Athletic Brewing NA beer but instead found a Lagunitas NAIPA and also a local NA beer from Three Notch’d. I’ll try those out and report back.

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