Kid Update

We just had our parent-teacher conferences last week and we are so proud of our little scholars. It is great to go in to those things without being worried about what the teachers are going to say. We were still surprised with how well they were doing…They are both exceeding in a lot of areas and, even though Austin won’t admit it, they both love school.

As for the sports update…Austin is currently playing flag football and competitive soccer while Taylor is just playing park district volleyball. Austin has been a mad man on the football field, I think he has scored at least 3 TDs in each game. It’s been fun to see him really start to figure it out and trust his speed. As for soccer, he is getting better with each practice and each game. He kind of freaks out in traffic and neglects working on his moves but he scored the only goal for his team against the first place opponent. They are U8s playing in the U9 division. Hopefully that means good things for next year when these kids are actually U9s. Taylor’s is playing Park District but she is a 4th grader playing up with the 5th and 6th graders. She is doing awesome, one of our few consistent servers/passers/setters (more like our only). She has had a few nice little serving runs for us…If she could only find a way to run off 25 in a row, we’d be set! She starts club ball later this fall on a U11 team. The level with the girls we had at open gym is so much higher than park district. Most of the teams are just teaching their kids to pass the ball right back over then net instead of working on their fundamentals and getting them to pass/set/hit. It’s disappointing to see those coaches encouraging those bad habits but oh well, better for our kids in the long run I guess.

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