Evan Turns 4!

Way better than last year, when I forgot to post pictures for, oh, 5 months or so. Here we go.

The birthday boy wears the crown at school. And waits patiently to eat that awesome alien cupcake.

Mmm, cupcake.

We opened presents before the party. Evan was happy to get more Thomas trains.

Of course, Evan wanted a Toy Story party, so he was quite pleased to get Buzz Lightyear as a present.

And don’t forget Woody!

Thankfully, the kids took turns playing with each of the new toys. Well loved by all. Then, it was on with the party.

What could those kids be waiting for so patiently?

The baking soda and vinegar rocket launch!

Somehow I managed to only get a little bit wet.

Then it was time for the piñata. Oh, that awful piñata.

Evan took some good whacks, but that bat wasn’t working. We moved on to a heftier stick, but it took a long time to finally crack it.

Another fine Lisa cake creation. The cupcakes are pretty awesome, eh?

And of course, we had to position the candles so they looked like the engines firing. Pretty awesome cake for a pretty awesome kid. Happy birthday Evan!