Father’s Day dinner

Yesterday, we went downtown for dinner at Jaleo, one of Jose Andres’ restaurants (perhaps you heard Alex name drop him on Top Chef DC last week?). It was “Kids Restaurant Week” in DC, which meant that the kids paid their age for two tapas and a fruit dessert. It was a good thing too, because it was not a cheap meal! I took a few (bad) cell phone pictures of the food, so allow me to describe them to you.
First up was the sea urchin:
Sea urchin on Twitpic

A spoonful of refreshing summer goodness. Next up were three Ibérico hams.
Tres ibericos! on Twitpic

As you can see by the picture, this was one of our favorites, and I didn’t get to take the picture before most of it was gone already! I really enjoyed the fancy shmancy acorn-fed Lomo Ibérico de bellota.

The fried artichoke was a mild disappointment, though the tapenade was very good.
Fried artichoke on Twitpic

Then came Lisa’s new favorite dish: fried bacon wrapped dates. I have to say, this was definitely a standout.
Fried bacon wrapped dates on Twitpic

The menu said you would want to eat them every day, and I think that’s absolutely true. I miss them already.
The last dish I took a picture of was the rabbit confit.
Rabbit confit on Twitpic

It was a good dish, the apricot puree went nicely with the gamy rabbit, but the sauce was a little grainy for me.
Not pictured: the kids’ chicken croquettes (not at all like chicken nuggets), salmon, Pan con tomate, and garlic shrimp. Also, Lisa’s rice with duck confit and warm green bean salad. Also, the desserts: Chocolate and hazelnut mousse torte, and apple charlotte, both of which were delicious.
All told, we had a good time at our fancy dinner with the kids. The favorites were definitely the ham, the dates, and the desserts. Here’s hoping your father’s day went just as well.

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  1. There was some thought given to getting sangria since the walk from the Metro was so freaking hot, so we got a carafe of Epifanio to start out. Ended up we got a carafe of Prima ’07 after that (I don’t think any of the suggestions I got were available in carafe). Both were decent, Prima was deeper and more robust.


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