Ellie gets glasses!

Ellie had been complaining that the vision in one of her eyes was fuzzy, so we took her to the eye doctor yesterday. Turns out she has amblyopia, which means that one eye is lazy and makes the other eye do all the work. The doctor is hoping that with glasses, she will start using that eye and it will get stronger, but there is a possibility that she might have to get a patch to force the issue. Fun.

But, for now, she got to pick out her stylish new glasses.

Trying on the first pair, not bad.

A little too funky.

Not too bad, we liked these.

The runner up pair. She liked them and didn’t want to choose, but we thought the next ones looked better.

The winner! It’s going to take some getting used to for everyone, our little girl wearing glasses. But she seems excited about it, and hopefully we can avoid any extreme treatments and she’ll start seeing better. Oh yeah, and here you can see the Coke bottle effect in action:

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