Run Amuck!

On Saturday, I ran in a new kind of race: Run Amuck! This kind of race is more for fun than competition. The course is set up with obstacles like a climbing wall and, of course, mud! I got off to a quick start and made it to the first obstacles in the top 20. It was a good thing too, because if you were back in the pack, you had to wait to get over the wall. After bear crawling under some bungee ropes, and climbing over the wall, it was time to get in the water. Water up to my knees, and my shoes into the mud up to my ankles, for a solid 30 yards. Needless to say, I was not running through this part. On the way out of the water, we had to bear crawl through the mud again. Two more times through the water on the way back left my shoes waterlogged. A few more obstacles (a couple of hurdles, a maze of giant punching bags) and it was on to this:

The giant man-made mud pit at the finish line.

The duckies did not make it any less intimidating.

Check out that hair! Still looking good.

I was bear crawling like crazy trying to catch the guy in front of me.

Alas, I managed to clothesline myself on the last line of flags, and he escaped just ahead of me.

That’s as close as the kids wanted to get to muddy Dad.

Muddy shoes, muddy feet.

A top ten finish! Imagine if I actually trained for one of these things….

Some of the other entrants wore costumes. Pretty crazy stuff, some of them.

I had a great time doing this race. I’ll probably do another trail race or two before the fall, when the Warrior Dash is coming to Baltimore! That one has fire! And beer! Awesome.

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