Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I barely have the time to put up pictures from the last snowstorm, and we’re ready to get another one today! Sheesh! At any rate, enjoy these ones, and you can check out all the photos on our Picasa web album, including some videos that I wasn’t sure how to embed.

So it begins. I got to work early so that I could leave and make it home before anyone got too crazy on the roads. Turned out it wasn’t too crazy, unless you were at the grocery store.

And there’s the minivan once the snow really got going.

Poor Saint Francis, buried again.

Our ruler only measured between 16-20 inches, depending on the spot, which I think is less than the December snow. The difference is that this one came mostly overnight, so I had to shovel it all at once, rather than a couple of inches at a time.

That pile at the end of the driveway will be seen again. That’s how big it was after clearing just the very end of the driveway, about two shovels width worth of snow. It is as tall as me now.

Eventually the snow drove us back indoors, where we made a cardboard fort.

Scenes from the backyard.

Evan tried to help out a little bit, but ended up throwing the snow on himself more than anything.

At the sledding hill. The sled paths were good, but getting back up was a slog.

One of the cul de sacs near the school had been plowed, and the neighborhood kids made good use of the gigantic mountains of snow.

Where’s Brian?

Building this awesome snow fort, that’s where! All that snow I piled up from shoveling the driveway was the perfect starting point for tunneling out a huge snow fort. Our whole family could fit in there, but hopefully we won’t need to.

Well, that’s about all I have for now. The next snowstorm should be here in about two hours. Oh the humanity!

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