Christmas 2009

Well, it’s February, so what better time to relive Christmas 2009? Hey, I’m working on getting pictures up more quickly, give me a break!

The striped kids, ready to open presents on Christmas Eve!

Let the carnage begin!

Evan only got a toy motorcycle on Christmas Eve, Santa brought his “real” red motorcycle for Christmas. Ellie was happier than this picture indicates to get Barbies, and also got to bring home Mom’s old Barbie clothes collection.

Evan checking out the tires on his motorcycle.

Ellie putting together her Playmobil fairy garden. Oh, the tiny pieces, how I loathe thee!

Up at Greenfield Village for their holiday nights, including a quick spin in the Model T.

Who’s the weirdo? The guy with the crazy mask and getup, or the guy with the kid on his shoulders?

We were very glad there were bonfires scattered around the village. It was an extremely cold night!

On the way to the hockey game, Evan clutches to his favorite presents: hockey sticks, and his “trolley truck,” a VW bus.

Having fun at the hockey game. Evan got a real hockey puck, and a toy zamboni! And best of all, MSU won 10-1!

Scenes from our annual Chuck E Cheese New Year’s party.

Watching the ball come down in New York.

Confirmation, via the clock on the wall in the background, that the kids did in fact stay up until midnight.