Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire Eyo

Actually poured two glasses of this: once into a regular pint glass, then into a tulip glass. Ruby color shows through. Big saison frothy head (very big in the tulip glass) which dissipates quickly (more slowly in the tulip, again).
Light funkiness in the aroma, a little bit of something sour in there as well, hard for me to get much of anything, even with the tulip glass funneling it up.
Nice sour bite right off the bat, rolling around the top of my mouth. The usual Jolly Pumpkin funk is there as well, but it has to fight the tartness to get through. I honestly expected more earthiness for a Jolly Pumpkin saison, but I do like the balance achieved here. (Some might say there’s a conflict, as I mentioned earlier, but I’m gonna go with balance.)
Pretty dry finish, that pucker hangs around a little bit too.
Overall rating: 3.85