Ireland 2009, Part Five: Dublin

The last stop on our long and winding trip through Ireland was Dublin. It was a long drive from Bushmills, but we made it there just in time for tea again.

Evan enjoyed eating the jam straight with a spoon.

And Ellie had a cookie as big as her head!
It was a bit of an adjustment going from the countryside to a big city, but at least I wasn’t driving any more. We had trouble figuring out the bus system, so we ended up walking and taking the tram most places.

The Spire of Dublin, with requisite dudes wearing pint glass ads for a restaurant walking in the foreground.

St. Stephen’s Green, which also had a cool playground.

This is who I want to be when I grow up (minus the pipe). The old dude reading his newspaper at the pub with a pint.

Zebras? Of course, at the zoo! (and giraffes, and hippos, and lions, etc)

We learned about the Dublin of the Vikings at Dublinia.

All the modes of transportation that kept Evan’s attention: double decker buses, trams, and most importantly, the street sweeper! We seriously had to buy him his own toy street sweeper after this trip.

A few other scenes from Dublin: Bewley’s tea shop, MaGuire’s master brewers, Leo Burdock’s fish and chips, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral.

And finally, the great pilgrimage.

I found the memorabilia section fascinating. (The rest of the tour was Disney-fied: mostly TV demonstrations, no views of “real” brewing.) The Guinness harp, various can designs, the Guinness toucan.

The kids admiring the view from the Gravity Bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse.

The pint at the top of the Gravity Bar. Perfect.
I hope you all enjoyed the recap of our whirlwind tour of Ireland, and sorry it took so long in arriving. Now I just have to get around to those Christmas pictures. I’ll have something up by summer, hopefully.