Ireland 2009, Part Two: Galway

After leaving Doolin, we drove up to Galway. A bit of a contrast, since Doolin was tiny, barely even a town. But it had a pub, so I guess that qualifies as a town. Galway is a small city though, and it’s thanks to that fact that I got to watch my Spartans play in the Final Four at 1am just around the corner from our B&B. Luckily, the championship game found me in another tiny town with no TV or pub, so I was spared the agony that followed.
Moving on….

There is no better way to immerse yourself in Ireland than to go to a hurling match. That’s hurling, played on grass with a small ball and sticks, not curling, with ice and rocks. Just make sure you bring cash, they don’t take credit cards.

Just like the hockey games back home, they had pee wee hurling at halftime.

PJ Flaherty’s, such a friendly place. They set me up at the end of the bar with a great view of the basketball game, right next to the loudmouth from New England. Many pints consumed that night.

After some shopping and a few other detours into the countryside, we headed up to Donegal.  Along the way, we had to stop at Westport House, home of Ellie’s middle namesake, Grace O’Malley, aka the Pirate Queen.

Another beautiful place.

Grace O’Malley, herself.

Westport is also home to the Pirate Adventure park, featuring a miniature train, and the “Cannonball Run” slides. Those slides were good for a solid hour of entertainment.

Donegal was a bit of a drive from there, but the scenery, including Croagh Patrick was stunning.