The Blizzard of ’09

When we woke up Saturday morning, there was already a good layer of snow on the ground. In DC, this is about all we usually get from a good snowstorm. This one, however, was just getting underway.

Evan’s unique way of “helping”: mowing the already plowed path. If only his lawnmower was a snowblower….

Ellie actually did help out with her shovel, for a little while anyway.

You can see how hard it was coming down: once you shoveled one bit, it was quickly covered with more snow.

This was the only depth marking I was able to use the ruler for. We had to move to the yardstick after this.

Yardstick measurement: 17 inches.

Morning measurement: just over 18 inches.

The first of a series of Saint Francis depth photos. You can still see him in this one. (That’s called foreshadowing.)

Saint Francis is indeed under there somewhere.

A bit later, we swept the snow away from Saint Francis’ face. It was easily over his head.

Here’s what our front door looked like at sundown. I didn’t shovel that area at all, unlike the driveway, which had already gotten two or three passes.

The house looks so pretty with the Christmas lights and the snow.

Saint Francis is under one of those lumps somewhere the next morning.

How bout that good lookin’ driveway? My helpers are ready to play now though.

I keep telling Lisa that I don’t let Evan watch pro wrestling, but he must be watching it somewhere.

Dragging the kids to the sledding hill.

Well worn paths make for good sledding.

Ellie sledding.

Evan sledding.

Dad about to go off the jump he made.

Ellie’s looking festive.

2 thoughts on “The Blizzard of ’09”

  1. See – this is the kind of fine journalism I’d come to expect from the-ds blog. It’s been missing for far too long. Action shots! Investigative journaling! Shoveling!


  2. Yes, John. This was the opinion of
    multiple offline commenters in Michigan as well. I will try to do better in 2010. Not a resolution, just an aspiration.


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