My Last Concert

Yesterday, thanks to a presale code I received from the Michigan State email list, I bought two tickets to the U2 concert in East Lansing, MI next June. Combined with the Bruce Springsteen concert we’re going to tomorrow night up in Baltimore, I think that this is the last concert that will be a “must see” for me.
I didn’t go to too many concerts until I was in college, so I missed out on Bruce and U2 and others back in the 80s and 90s for the most part. But in the past ten years, I’ve been lucky enough to afford to be able to see concerts like those and Billy Joel (with Elton John), and even Bon Jovi and Def Leppard (making up for missing them in my youth). Looking around at some of the top concert tours going right now, I find little else I actually want to go see. The Eagles and Dave Matthews Band seem to be the highest draws that I might want to see, but they’re not must see material for me, definitely not for what tickets cost these days. The only “new” artist I’d be interested in seeing is Arcade Fire (not on tour), and the “old” artist would be Beastie Boys maybe (also not on tour).
What do you think? Is there a great concert out there that I “must see?”

2 thoughts on “My Last Concert”

  1. If Phil Collins goes back on tour, spend the bucks and go see it. We saw his “last” concert in Miami, but when he runs out of money, you will likely see him on tour again.


  2. Some of the best shows I’ve seen in the last several years have been Coldplay, Garbage (please, please get back together), Stevie Wonder, Chris Botti, Zac Brown Band, ZZ Top, Joss Stone, Ryan Shaw (throwback to Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, etc.), John Pizzarelli, Jane Monheit (the closest you can come to seeing Ella, Billie, etc.), and Diana Krall. All of ’em more than worth the money.

    Sting was really good every time I’ve seen him, but I felt like he was mailing it in when I saw him with the Police a few years ago.

    If you want to see the greatest living blues guitarist out there, see Buddy Guy. He’s a magician. Unreal.

    Was very tempted to get U2 – Spartan Stadium tix, but we already saw them down here in October. You won’t regret spending that money. Second time I’ve seen ’em, and they put on a heck of a show.

    I’d be careful with Black Crowes and Aerosmith, 2 bands that I felt I had to see. The Crowes put on a great show when I saw ’em, but I’ve heard they’re kind of hit and miss. Aerosmith was really cool on a few songs, but overall it really felt like they were mailing it in. Of course, our show was the first that they played after cancelling several shows cuz of a leg injury to Steven Tyler, and it wasn’t long after our show that they basically cancelled the rest of the tour.

    DMB is generally really good live (seen ’em a couple times), but you have to deal with DMB fans.


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