Founders Breakfast Stout

At some point, I will have a taste-off of my favorite stouts, and this will certainly be among them.
None of my pours so far have yielded much of a head to speak of, but the thin one that does show up laced the glass fully. The color is dark as night, deliciously chocolate.
What an aroma! Coffee and dark chocolate. Mocha beer!
I could go on for days describing the fine nuances of the flavor of this beer. Coffee, of course. Dark roasted malt. Dark chocolate. I really don’t notice the alcohol coming through, though there is a hint of something like what I get from a bourbon stout. But this one needs no help from anything like a barrel, it stands on its own.
Thick but not to the point of being chewy. And, as I mentioned before, the alcohol is hard to detect, so I could drink these for a while.
Awesome, awesome beer.
Overall rating: 4.75 (New stout record! It beats Bell’s Kalamazoo and Dogfish Head World Wide Stout.)

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