First Day of School 2009

Hard to believe, but we now have two kids in school!  Wow.  Ellie started the first grade, and she’s already an old pro.  She’s in the same classroom as she was in last year, thanks to a fluke in scheduling, so she didn’t even need us to walk her to class.  Evan started two days a week of preschool.  He had a harder time of things at first.  He eventually warmed up though, after seeing Ellie’s picture on his classroom wall (she had the same preschool teacher her first year), and especially when his buddy Abby showed up.  He’s got a little crush, and who could blame him?  Now, the important stuff: pictures!

Ready to get out the door.

Say cheese!

Ellie was obviously ready to go, in spite of the rain. Why does it always have to rain on the first day of school? I guess we shouldn’t complain as long as it’s nice for outdoor birthday parties.

Evan wasn’t too far behind. A little slow, but he’ll get used to it.

Crossing the busy street.

The “clique” is ready to terrorize first grade.

She knew right where her seat was, and waved me off after sitting down and immediately started reading her book.

Evan had just said goodbye to Mom when I showed up to take pictures. He was having a tough time. But I brought with me the magic solution: his ever-cheery buddy Abby! He toughened up after seeing her immediately get down to playing with the blocks. Seriously, is she not the cutest? I’d be trying to impress her too!

Obviously he was okay, because when we came to pick him up, this is how we found him: still playing with the toys, no trouble at all.

Walking home after the first day with their ginormous backpacks. Too cute!

Mac and cheese for lunch, post-first day.

A happy reunion at the end of Ellie’s first day.