First Day of School

After much trepidation in the weeks leading up to the first day of preschool, we decided that Evan was potty-trained “enough” to start school. It was a busy morning, but I managed to gently wake him up by reminding him that he’d see his friend Abby at school, and asked him what he wanted for breakfast. “French toast!” Now there’s a boy who knows what he wants. He peed on the potty while Mom got breakfast ready. He excitedly ate his french toast and drank his orange juice. We got him all dressed, and bundled in his rain coat (it rained on Ellie’s first day too), and started walking to school. Mom walked him to his class while I took Ellie to her class. (Ellie’s school starts later this year, so now both school start at almost the same time, a bit of a logistical problem.) Ellie was in the same classroom again this year, so she was totally cool with it and didn’t really need me there, except to take pictures. I met Evan’s friend Abby on the way back to his school. Lisa was just coming out as we arrived and said that she couldn’t go back in because Evan couldn’t figure out why Mom wasn’t staying. When I walked in, he was pretty sniffly, but I showed him that Abby was there, and Abby, being the happy-go-lucky kid that she is, just started playing with the toys, and I managed to convince Evan to play as well. He gave me a hug and a kiss, and he went off to play.
When we went back to pick him up, all of the kids were in their seats ready to go, except Evan and one other boy, who were still off playing with some of the toys. He had a good day, and even went on the potty at school! He even colored a picture of the school which looks eerily like Ellie’s picture from her first day. Hopefully he can keep it up, but we’re fairly sure that the worst is past us now. Way to go buddy!