Happy Sixth Birthday!

Ellie turned six years old on Saturday, and the plan was to celebrate with a pool party with her friends from school and the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the forecast for that day was looking grim all week. First it was a 60% chance of thunderstorms, then there was a possibility of a tropical storm. Saturday morning came and Lisa was freaking out about the chances of rain. She was running around trying to clean up the house in the event we had to move the party. But as the day wore on, the chances of rain diminished.
We pulled up to the pool at 1pm to unload our stuff, and the temperature was getting nice and warm. There were only a few clouds, but they didn’t seem threatening at all. By the time most of the kids had arrived, we were actually pulling umbrellas up onto the deck to provide shade from the sun!
Ellie and the kids had a great time playing “Pin the Wings on the Fairy” and decorating their fairy wings. Thanks to everyone for all the gifts. Hopefully Ellie doesn’t get over her fairy phase for a while, because she’s got a lot of fairy stuff now. And happy birthday to our little girl, about to start first grade!