Potty Training Gone Wrong

Shockingly enough, Evan is supposed to be starting preschool in just over three weeks. The catch is that he needs to be potty trained to attend the school. Or at least, potty trained for the 3 hours he’s there. So the potty training has been shifted into overdrive. First thing in the morning, we try to get him to go. Then he will usually get to go naked or wear underwear from then on, trying to get him to understand what it feels like when he needs to go. On Saturday morning, it was naked time. He had just peed, and had grabbed his cars to play with. He was climbing up into his chair to play with them on the table when I heard something hit the floor. I figured it was one of his cars he had dropped. Nope. Poop. He pooped all over his chair, on his leg, and onto the floor. Lovely.
Apparently he could just care less about “feeling” like he has to go at this point. Three weeks to go? Not looking good. Still, he has been doing fairly well with trying to pee, but he does need to be reminded often or he will just pee wherever he is. But I could do without the poop accidents.