On The Beach

On the Beach On the Beach by Nevil Shute
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
On the one hand, I can see how “On The Beach” would be considered a classic. It deals with the horrible threat of nuclear war and the consequences for those who survive and are left to await their inevitable doom as the radioactive poison is carried on the wind to every corner of the earth. In 1957, I’m sure it was extremely powerful and scary to many who read it.
On the other hand, I was practically bored to tears. The characters aren’t all that interesting and they are all in denial to some extent about their impending doom. But seriously, nothing happens. They do a few things, ultimately pointless, and then they all lie down and take some pills to kill themselves when the radiation comes, and they die. It was almost an interesting character study to see how humans deal with the fact that they know they are going to be some of the last people on earth to perish, but it ultimately just came up short for me.
Next up is Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.