Best New York Deli in DC

I figured I had to specify New York deli as opposed to another kind of deli, but really, is there another kind of deli? I’m talking about the place you go to get a big-ass sandwich filled with more meat than anyone should possibly consume in one sitting. They have to have real bagels, and bonus points for matzo ball soup. In this area, there’s only one place to get all this and more: Chutzpah Deli.
I spent one summer working in New York City, and if there was one thing I missed, it was walking to the corner deli (any corner!) and getting a sandwich overflowing with corned beef or pastrami. On rye bread, with mustard. You want mayo? Gedouttahere!!! In fact, Chutzpah even warns you against mayo on the menu, you can’t get more New York than that. And they’re not going to put a couple of slices of meat on your sandwich like, shudder, Subway. Nope, you’re getting the real deal, the heart attack on a plate, baby.
If you go, I highly recommend the “Fuggedaboudit”: Hot corned beef and pastrami with a schmear of chopped liver on grilled rye with melted swiss, cole slaw and Russian dressing. You won’t be able to finish it, guaranteed. Couple that with an egg cream, and you are good to go. Man, I am making myself hungry over here! You can also get any of their meat and cheese sliced to go, and their awesome bagels come in from New York!
There you go. The best New York deli, heck, the best deli in the DC area. Two locations in Fairfax and Tysons Corner.