The Way Home

The Way Home The Way Home by George P. Pelecanos
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I’ve wanted to read some of George Pelecanos’ stuff for a while now. He’s probably now best known for his work on “The Wire,” but he writes a lot of novels set in and around DC. The Way Home is no exception, of course. A large portion of the novel is taken up with setting the framework of Chris Flynn’s troubled youth, to his current situation laying carpet for his dad’s business. It’s not to say that there isn’t any action in the first 250 pages, but the last 75 pages are where the stuff hits the fan. I was a little disappointed in the book. The characters are real, that much I enjoyed. But Pelecanos seemed too intent on spelling out every thought and motivation going through his characters’ heads, and it got distracting sometimes. Even so, this is a fun quick summer read.
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