Best Pizza in DC

Church Street Pizza. No contest. It’s not even worth listing runners-up. Church Street has the crust, the cheese, everything you want from a real New York pizza. The only downside? Everyone else loves it too, so odds are, they’re going to be busy. Well worth the wait!
OK, I lied, I will list one runner-up: Two Amys Pizza in Woodley/Cleveland Park. Good Neopolitan wood-fired pizza with interesting toppings (real mozzarella, for one).

2 thoughts on “Best Pizza in DC”

  1. I had this conversation with some friends last weekend. Is it a discussion of styles? Neopolitan vs. New York vs. Hand tossed vs. Chicago think crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish vs. Buddy’s squares? Or is it the best pizza within a given style? And how does your (cough, New York, cough, cough) bias play into it?


  2. I certainly admit to having a NY bias. No question. But when speaking of pizza in DC, that’s the style that is most prevalent. I haven’t found any deep dish places to speak of (aside from the obligatory Uno’s chain), and no place serves Buddy’s style either. So we’re left with either hand-tossed Domino’s and Papa John style or NY style, with the occasional Neopolitan. None of the NY style places I had previously tried should even be labeling their pizza that way, they’re a bunch of liars. Regular hand-tossed is fine, if uninspired, and there are far too many places that just slap some red sauce and cheese on dough and call it pizza. And so we are left with the gooey cheese and crunchy crust you can fold and eat with one hand.
    And if that’s not enough reason for you, consider the words of wisdom from one of the customers the last time I was in there: “This pizza is even great cold the next morning, if you have any left over!”


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