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By now, many people have seen Obama on CNN stopping by various DC area restaurants for lunch. During the campaign, he went to Ben’s Chili Bowl. In recent weeks, he’s been to Ray’s Hell Burger and Five Guys. Then, I noticed Shane participating in a Twitter discussion on the best burger in KC. This, in addition to my recent post on hating ketchup (sidebar: I recently replaced Evan’s ketchup with BBQ sauce for chicken nuggets, and he didn’t even realize I had switched! Muhahahaha!), inspired me to start a new series of posts on “Brian’s Best of DC.” Well, the DC area at least. First up is obviously the best burger in DC.
There have been many contests and polls on the best burger lately. Ray’s is a name that comes up often. I’ve been there once, and it was a damn good burger, second on my personal list. EatBar won Washingtonian’s poll, but I haven’t been there yet. Five Guys is a chain that started here, and has a big local following, but I like them for their fries more than the little burgers. Elevation gets the organic, grass-fed crowd in a tizzy, but again, their burgers are too small for me to really get into the flavor of the meat.
I prefer a bigger, juicy burger you can order medium rare, and they actually cook it that way. So for my money, I’m going to Big Buns. They lightly season their big angus beef burgers, and have a wide range of toppings, should you be so inclined. But I have found that you can leave it plain, and it is plenty tasty all on its own. They also have killer sweet potato fries and shakes.
There you have it, my vote for best burger in the DC area. Feel free to chime in with your own favorites, or the favorite from your hometown.
In future installments, look for my take on best deli, pizza, and more.

3 thoughts on “Best Burger in DC”

  1. Try Z Burger. They have locations in Glover Park and Tenlytown and the burgers are good. Try with the onion rings which are the best in D.C. It’s fast but cheerful service.


  2. I agree, Z Burger of Tenlytown has the best burger in the District. The place prides itself on good service and since we’ve been going, it has not failed this expectation especially for a fast food spot. The milkshake list is massive and the onion rings are definitely something to talk about.


  3. I agree, you should really try Z-Burger in the Tenley Town area of DC. Their burgers and onion rings are delicious! Also they have the largest selection of milkshakes I have ever seen.


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