City of Refuge

City of Refuge: A Novel City of Refuge: A Novel by Tom Piazza
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Some books are great because the writing, the prose, just sings to you, it flows into your brain. City of Refuge is not one of those books. Instead, it is one of those books which is great because the story is so powerful. There were times reading this book where I was so angry I wanted to throw it against the well. Times when I wanted to go back in time and kick myself in the butt to do more to help the New Orleans Katrina victims. And, especially for the last fifty pages or so, times when I just cried and read through teary eyes.

Will City of Refuge hold up in another 20, or 50 years as a classic? Maybe not. But here, and now, it’s as important and powerful a book I’ve read in a long time. You should read it too.
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