Win Me a Madsen Bucket Bike

If you’ve followed me on Twitter, you’ve seen me rave about the Madsen bucket bike. Very fun concept, it basically sticks a Rubbermaid bin on the back of a bike for storage or transportation. A bit out of my price range though (but I’m still considering one of the “scratched” bikes they have on sale right now), so when I saw they were running a contest to give away two of the bikes, I knew I had to enter.
They are giving away two bikes: one at random to anyone who links to them (check), and one to one of the top twenty referrers over the next couple of months. That’s where you come in. I’m not sure how they collect the numbers on referrers, but if you could just visit this here blog and click on the banner (over there on the side) every so often, I’d certainly appreciate it.