Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

Dark, I mean really black, can’t see through it. Thin head fades quickly and leaves no lacing behind.
Rich aroma is the best way I can describe it. Trying to figure out what it is under the clear malt aroma that I can’t quite place. Vanilla maybe? Could be a hint of the wood, if I knew what Palo Santo wood smelled like.
I was really expecting the alcohol content to have more of an effect on the flavor and mouthfeel here, but it’s managed to stay relatively subdued. I actually get a candy-like flavor in here, like toffee, but also a roasted taste of coffee, with some smokiness and slight bitterness (from the wood?).
Not really drinkable beyond one at a time, but that’s not what it was intended to be. I could definitely see this as an after-dinner drink to linger over.
Overall rating: 4.1