I Heart Home Depot Tool Rental

I mentioned offhand in the midst of the monster weekend wrapup post yesterday that our pipes were clogged, and I was unsuccessful on Saturday in getting them unclogged.  My piddly little consumer level drain snake just wasn’t cutting it.  Yesterday, it was time to bring out the big guns: the “Easy Rooter,” rented from Home Depot.

I stopped by Home Depot after dinner to pick this bad boy up for a four hour rental.  The cost was about $50 including taxes.  And since I had arrived less than four hours from when they closed, I got bonus rental time and didn’t have to return it until 9am the following morning (about 15 hours later).  I didn’t really need the extra time, but it did save me a late night trip in stinky clothes to return it.

My big problem with the smaller snake was that I had a hard time getting it past bends in the pipe.  No such trouble with the 1/2 inch thick cable on this bad boy.  If it got stuck at all, I could turn it on and start the drum spinning, while feeding the cable in, and it got through with no trouble.  In fact, I fed all 75 feet of cable into the pipe, and it never really snagged on anything.  So I let it spin around in there for about five minutes or so, clearing up some space.  Somewhere along the way of me feeding, or spinning, the water level dropped, and the clog appeared to be cleared, whatever it was.  Pulling the cable back out, I never found anything beyond a small amount of the usual pipe sludge.  But, the big tests worked: I was able to fill and drain a full tub of laundry, and everything went down the drain without even a pause.

Home Depot Easy Rooter rental: $50 and a stinky Brian.

Not having to pay a plumber 5 times that to do the same thing with the same tool: Priceless.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It gave me the confidence to rent this tool myself and snake my own damn sink! It makes me very happy that I no longer have to call an overpriced plumber every time there’s a big clog.

    Thanks again!


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