Burger Brackets

Oh snap! In addition to the aforementioned Beer Madness, Washingtonian magazine is kicking it up a notch with their Burger Brackets, a battle to determine the best burger in the DC area. I was appalled to see they didn’t include my current favorite, Big Buns in Ballston. The strange thing was that they did include Fuddrucker’s (my own most HATED burger joint), which isn’t even really a Washington area place.  Update: Reading back through their posts, it seems that they may have a whole second part of the bracket yet to be unveiled!  So these are only 16 of the 32 entrants.  Oh damn, it is on now!
At any rate, it should be quite a battle. I don’t know if they seeded the entrants, because somehow Five Guys and Ray’s Hell Burger are facing off in the second round, which, given both places’ rabid fans, is likely to produce the overall winner. If nothing else though, they have given me a list of places to sneak off to for Friday lunch.

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