Snow Day!

After trying to shovel the driveway twice yesterday morning, I finally gave up and decided to stay home for a snow day.  It was totally worth it.  We made a snowwoman just at the right time, since the sun came out for a little while and melted the snow just enough to allow us to pack it properly.  Then after warming up and having some lunch, we headed back out to go sledding.  Would you believe this was the first time Evan had ever gone sledding???  Thanks to our neighbor Jennifer for taking the pictures for us.

Ellie in the snow

Ellie shows Evan how it’s done.

Evan in the snow

Evan went down on his back like this every single time.  He looked hilarious in his elf hat.


I made snow angels with our neighbors’ daughter.  See how deep it was?  Our own measurements came up with about 8 inches!


Good looking couple.


Ellie and Stella make the little sledding hill look a lot more thrilling than it probably was.  But it was just right for the kids.