What’s New?

It’s been a while since I really updated on what’s been happening.  Well, a lot of changes!

We refinanced recently (4.875% for 30 years).  I’m pretty sure we’re done with refinancing now.  Our mortgage rate is actually less than our auto loan rate!

We opened a new checking account.  Our old credit union was getting to be too inconvenient, and they just announced they are closing the service center we used to go to, so we opened a new account at the same credit union our mortgage is with.  Our new account even earns (a miniscule amount of) interest since we have the mortgage too.

We have a new phone company.  Our phone number will remain the same, but while we transition, you may notice the caller ID coming from us has a different number.  Once we decide that we like the new company, we’ll port the old number over, and all will be back to normal.  Unless the call quality is horrible though, I think we’ll be sticking with these guys.  The company is Callcentric, and they charge $1.95/month for an incoming phone number, plus $1.50/month for 911.  Then all incoming calls are billed $0.015/minute, and outgoing is about $0.02/minute.  Pretty good deal, really.  I can even use my iPod Touch to make calls using Fring from any Wifi hotspot, but that’s a geeky detail I won’t go into now.

Aside from that, Ellie is seriously reading a LOT, and all on her own.  We’re amazed at her progress.

Evan is talking a lot, and more understandably.  There are still some “Evan-isms,” which you can only understand once you have the context, but a lot more is becoming a lot clearer.  He is also really into his music class now.  He sings along to most of the songs, and does the rhythm sections.  He, unlike Ellie ever did, will even get up and dance and play and sing at music class, and is the first one to give the teacher a hug at the end of class.  He is dangerously cute too, of course.

I think that’s about it.  Oh, and of course, there’s the new website which is running on WordPress now.  You can submit comments again!  Hooray!

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