Curling? Curling!

I haven’t posted too much about curling so far this season. I’m only playing one day a week and haven’t had too much to post about. But it looks like I could be curling in Detroit January 2-4, so that could be fun.
Yesterday’s game was a classic. My team got down 5-0 early, thanks to me coming up short on a draw to lose 3 on a steal in the second end. But we bounced back and were set up well in the third end. Unfortunately, a great shot by the other skip put me back in danger of losing another point to a steal. But on my last shot of the end, I managed to push his rock out and score a big three points. We continued to claw our way back and were down by one in the 7th end. We forced the other skip to make a fabulous shot to barely manage to take his one point, and we needed to score two points to tie in the 8th end. We actually did so fairly easily, and even looked like we might have a shot at 3 for the win. Alas, they took out one of our rocks, and I made a simple hit and stick to score two and send us to an extra end, much to the chagrin of everyone who wanted to go warm up and eat our pizza. So we went into the extra end tied, but without the last rock advantage. We played aggressively, getting two rocks in the house and somewhat covered. From there, my vice and I played to guard those two and get the steal. They managed to take one of ours out, but the other was still protected just past the tee line. My last rock was a good guard that made sure the middle of the ice was covered, and our rock was also under cover. The other skip was forced to go way outside to try to draw around to us, but the rock never curled back in, and we took a thrilling victory. It really was a heck of a game, with both skips making great shots. Well, at least they were great for the usual Sunday league play anyway.
I watched through the window as the Giants beat the Cardinals. Last year at this time, they were still struggling to make the playoffs. This year, they look like (knock on wood) the best team in football, even with the losses on the defensive line, and playing most of yesterday without Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs.
The Spartans are who I thought they were. They still cannot get up for the big game.
And yet, my weekend was made by college football. I never got tired of watching ESPN scroll the stats of how epic Notre Dame and Michigan’s losing seasons have been. Awesome.