Where were you…

My buddy Shane said “I encourage all of you to write down how you felt or where you were”. So I am.

I went to vote twice yesterday – I didn’t vote twice don’t worry – the first time was around 6:30am and the line was out the door down the block and around the corner. Needless to say, I didn’t vote that time around. So I went to work and tried again at 1:45pm. I highly recommend the latter, no wait, I was in and out in five minutes. That was it, after listening to debates, campaign ads, SNL skits for what seemed like forever it was finally done…for me anyway.

That night I was keeping an eye on cnn and fox, trying to make sure I got both views. Obama and McCain were winning the states everyone expected them to win early on, no surprises. Then I saw that Pennsylvania was going to Obama, the tide was turning.

Jenn and I figured that it was going to take forever to find out who won, see election 2000, 2004. We decided to watch a Smallville episode we had tivo’d. That turned in to Jenn, myself, Austin and Taylor watching Smallville. They were pretty intrigued when they learned that it was about Superman when he was younger. After the show we put the kids to bed and flipped on CNN to see where the results were. That is when we heard the words “John McCain has conceded the election to Barack Obama”. We looked at each other in shock, we thought that we were in for a long night.

We learned history had been made and couldn’t pull our eyes from the TV from that point forward. We listened to McCain’s speech, which was a gracious, humble one. I hope that he and Obama look to work together I think they could learn a lot from one another. Now on to Obama’s speech. First, I could not believe how many folks filled Grant Park…Over 125,000 people!! His speech was touching, inspiring, encouraging and really gave me those feelings of hope. I must admit, I had tears in my eyes on several occasions. I never had feelings like that during any speech President Bush has made. I hope that the momentum he has gained translates into action in the White House.

That’s that, remember where you were on this historic date.

I don’t have many of those memories..The ” where were you when…” Two I can think of are so negative – where I was when the OJ verdict came back or where I was on 9/11.

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