Verizon EECB works!

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I called Verizon to try to reduce my monthly bill for FIOS by committing to an additional year of service. Naturally, they screwed it up. The next day I found I was being charged for online storage and a security suite I never ordered. Then the following week I got a new wireless router from them in the mail, even though it was the exact model I already have! Still, the packing slip said there was no charge, but I made sure to check my bill when I got it. Oh, did I mention that since I only have internet, no home phone, they cannot send me a paper bill, and they have to bill my credit card automatically? Yeah, nice, huh? So naturally I check yesterday for this month’s bill, and it comes to a whopping $194.99!!! You guessed it, they charged me $139.99 plus tax for that router they sent me. The best part was that no one in their billing department could even see the bill that I myself could see, and that I could see was being charged to my bill paying account.
After wasting much of my day on hold with no results, I resorted to the Consumerist playbook: the executive email carpet bomb. I found a list of email addresses of Verizon executives, typed up a quick email describing my plight, and sent it away at 3pm yesterday. At 4:45pm, I had an email and voice mails on my home and work phones from Mrs. Brown, who had taken care of everything for me: the router would be removed from my bill, and my FIOS would now cost me $42.99/month. Best of all, I have her direct line in case anything goes wrong again. The only bad thing is that I still cannot get a paper bill and have to auto-pay via credit card.
The whole experience definitely makes me wary of considering them for any bundling of TV, phone and Internet, but I was lucky to get through to the right person who could actually do something about my problem.
Now, if only they could help me with the pennies that Evan managed to shove into my car’s CD player, causing it to short out….