Knocking Stuff Out

No case of the Mondays for me, I’m getting stuff done. After shopping for new car insurance and saving a whole lot of money, our homeowners insurance came up for renewal recently, so I figured I would check that out as well. Turns out we’re going to save a lot of money there too. Like $385 for the year. Very nice.
A couple of days ago, I managed to do something stupid and get a trojan on our home computer. Stupid me, ended up being able to use Windows Restore to get back to before the problem and eradicated it with a long-overdue full virus scan (disclosure: the virus scan picked up the trojan before it infected the PC, but I stupidly ignored the warning and let it go). Alas, the computer started scaring me even after this problem by freezing up a couple of times, leading me to check out some backup possibilities. I looked into a few of the online backup services like Mozy and Carbonite, and also Amazon S3. All seemed reasonable, and I really liked Amazon’s offering. Then I decided to check out my web host’s latest offer, and found that they’ve upped their storage to 375GB! That’s more than enough to protect my precious pictures and music. After a couple of emails back and forth, my plan is now upgraded, and I’m going to start backing up tonight hopefully.
I heard through the grapevine that the latest FIOS promotion is a free DVR for a year, which includes their Home Media DVR, which plays shows it recorded on any TV in your house. That’s kinda what I have now with DirecTV, and part of the reason I haven’t switched. Breaking it down, our current cost with DirecTV, FIOS internet and VOIP runs us $137.18/month. Depending on how the taxes for FIOS break down, doing their triple play would cost about $130/month, and would include HD service, should we ever break down and get an HDTV. If nothing else, I think a call to DirecTV retention is in order, simply because their current offer to new customers is a lot less than I’m paying now! Update: A quick email to DirecTV got me $10 off per month for the next year. Not too shabby.  Update 2: 5 minute phone call to Verizon upped my speed to 10/2, got me $5 off for the next year.  7 minutes of work for $15/month, or $180 for the year.
One last thing: this morning I started week 6 of the 100 pushup challenge again. I’m getting close now though. I managed to do 80 pushups on Saturday before collapsing in a heap. Pretty damn good after starting out doing only 25 when I started at the end of June.