Goodbye to the Stadium

There were no tears last Monday, when I went to Yankee Stadium for the last time with my two kids and my wife. But last night, sitting with my son as Andy Pettitte threw the first pitch of the last game at the “House That Ruth Built,” I definitely got choked up. It happened a few more times: the Bleacher Creature roll call, Bob Sheppard announcing Derek Jeter, Whitey and Yogi in the booth, Michael Kay (and not Phil Rizzuto, RIP) coming on to do an inning of play-by-play, hearing “Enter Sandman” as Mariano came in and locked down one more win. But most of all, hearing “Start spreading the news…” Over and over and over again. They just kept playing that song, and I didn’t want it to end. Next year, a new era in Yankee baseball will begin, but we’ll always remember our times at the corner of River Avenue and 161st St.