Rain Everywhere

We survived the rain of Hurricane Hanna. Unfortunately, not entirely unscathed. After the rain stopped, I was outside trying to put my new bike lights on my bike, and went downstairs to the workshop to get a screwdriver. Walking in, I was greeted with a big puddle. Oddly, it didn’t seem to come from above, but appeared to seep up from underneath. The water soaked mostly just the stuff on the floor in the workshop, prodding me to finally get around to cleaning that place up. Some of the water also seeped into the basement living area, but we stopped it before it hit the carpet. Not bad, since the worst side effect was that we didn’t have time to go grocery shopping and instead went to Glory Days Grill for dinner, where I had the Glory Cheesesteak, topped with queso and fried onion rings. Evil and delicious, and so worth it.
Aside from a few small branches down around the place, the 8 inches of rain were the worst of the storm we got, and naturally we got the most rainfall in the area.